According to Reji Bhaskar, apart from camera skills, fashion photography requires one to be highly creative and good with fashion. He has been doing fashion photo-shoots for the past 10 years only while it’s been 20 years since he entered this field. It is his strong belief and maxim that a fashion photographer should have good aesthetic sense as well as understanding of the environment around them and should adapt in all the aspects of photo shoot. His fashion portfolio involves celebrity shoots for Deepthi Sathi, Miya George, Bala etc for magazines and other portfolio shoots.
Reji Bhaskar is one among the notable names in photography especially in high end wedding photography. His creative thinking and approach has brought about many innovative styles in wedding photography. He is the one who introduced post wedding outdoor shoots which was a huge break-through.
Reji Bhaskar is keen on details in post wedding photo-shoots unlike other photographers. He consults with stylists, designers and makeup artists to give his wedding photographs a professional touch. This determination is there on choosing the wedding destination as well.
He has made a mark in the field of advertisement photography through his talents and innovative methods. Reji Bhaskar had been exposed to photography when everything was black and white. As photography changed its course so does he. His work slate include Jos Alukkas, Jayalakshmi, AGP jewelers etc., shoots for leading designers like Pranaah, Hari Anand, Lakshya etc. and product shoot for Goa Kings Beer. Now he mostly does photo-shoots for designers.